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Let’s Talk

Millions of Conversations is changing the narrative of Muslim Americans one conversation at a time.  Our media driven campaign promotes positivity and inclusion – combating misinformation, harmful stereotypes, and bigotry.

It’s time for this country to evolve; inequality fueled by fear is fundamentally un-American.  Hate crimes against Muslim Americans have doubled since 2014.  Muslim Americans are three times more likely to be unemployed than the average American, with 40% living in poverty. Millions of Conversations is on the frontline, fighting for an America for ALL Americans.   

The Strategy

Millions of Conversations’ goal is to de-politicize the Muslim American identity – creating an ecosystem where Muslim Americans can thrive.  Our strategy focuses on three key areas: positive engagement between Muslim and non-Muslim communities, accurate media coverage of Muslim Americans and improved perception of Muslim Americans online.

Misinformation and lack of engagement are at the core of anti-Muslim sentiments.  Our research shows that emphasizing shared values is particularly effective at shifting opinion. We’ve also found that many people with anti-Muslim views express interest in learning more about Islam, Muslims and their place in American society.

Our Ambassadors Program is designed to organize, train and strategically place Muslim American voices across different media platforms through a sophisticated digital strategy.  We are restoring a dialogue of inclusion in this country that promotes the American values of honesty, community, freedom, family and hard work.  Violent rhetoric and discrimination have no place here. We are also spearheading face-to-face activities that will help yield a sustainable solution that is rooted in peace and understanding.

We Need Your Support

We are building a national network that will engage millions in the conversation about common values and shared futures. We need your support to help make America stronger and safer for all of us. You can help by organizing and attending  events in your area, signing up to be an ambassador, and engaging in our conversations online. Please consider joining the list of donors today, who have already committed to helping Millions of Conversations achieve our goal.